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I hope you enjoy exploring my website and learning more about what Cloud 9 is all about! Please reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to helping you create a moment to remember!

Leah Rowe

Founder & Lead Therapist


About Leah

Leah was born and raised in Big Sur, California. She began her training as a massage therapist at the Monterey Institute of Touch in 1991. She opened Surenity, a successful massage studio in the heart of Big Sur in 1999 and also practiced at the exclusive Post Ranch Inn Spa for a number of years.

Leah went on to work with Carmel chiropractor Dr. Richard Kehoe in 2010 and then started her own private practice in 2012.

In 2013 Leah completed her training as a Birth Doula at Bastyr University in Washington State and is an experienced and highly trained prenatal massage therapist and doula.


A few years ago Leah began catering to special events and large groups of people coming together to celebrate. Drawing on a lifetime of exposure to incredible celebrations, rituals, dance, bodywork and creative self expression unique to her small hometown she launched Cloud 9.

Bringing together transformational bodywork, deluxe body treatments, curated rituals, sound healing, yoga, meditation and more.  


Cloud 9 is a collection of all the things that inspire me most. Self care, healing plants, intentional ritual and connection, both to ourselves, each other and to something much larger.

I see Cloud 9 shaping peoples experience of their celebrations. Their most cherished moments will be greatly enhanced by the exceptional offerings of our Cloud 9 Dream Team! Let us share our gifts with you and help you make your special celebrations ones you will never forget!

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